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Kristin + Shawn | Engagement Session | Raleigh, NC Wedding Photographer

This engagement session was absolutely one for the books! Never before have I gotten to do something quite like this for a shoot! Kristin and Shawn are one of my 2018 wedding couples, and MAN are they just adorable! It became quite apparent to me through the course of our day together, that these two are meant to be! They are such a great match and obviously crazy about each other…. which made them so much fun to shoot , regardless of how cool the the location was!

We met on stormy afternoon in Lillington, NC, and boy let me tell you, I did NOT know what I was in for! We set out with our gear…. and a garment bag lol…. and headed into the woods to hike to the location these two had scoped out! We hiked and hiked and out of the trees appeared some  crazy wooden stairs that seemed to twist and turn down the side of a cliff for what seemed like forever!

We climbed down (with my knees shaking uncontrollably – I have a thing about heights lol) and tromped through some mud and BOOM! These amazing, moss covered cliffs were all around us!!! It was tricky getting in and out of this location and climbing into some spots to get the right shots, but it was INCREDIBLE! It rained, Kristin almost died in her heels a few times, but we truly felt like we had been transported to a whole other place!

It was such a wonderful day of adventuring and capturing some one of a kind moments of this couple and their love for each other! I treasure these sessions with my wedding couples so much, because I get to spend one on one quality time with them before the hustle and bustle of their wedding day! And I am crazy about these two!!!

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