Megan Boudoir Session

I’m not sure how may of you know that I am also a boudoir photographer. Well surprise! I have been shooting boudoir for about a year now and I just adore it! There is something so magical about helping a woman find her confidence in an image. Seeing a woman go from incredibly shy and nervous to a fully glammed out diva! It happens every session, every time. My clients come in so insecure and unsure about what the process will be like, if they are pretty enough, if they should even BE here lol! We chat over hair and makeup and with out fail, by the end of the session I no longer have to direct. You just somehow tap into your inner goddess and star to just be yourself!

A lot of women think that a boudoir session is just something a gal does for her man – that is NOT the case! Boudoir was a word describing a woman’s  private closet or dressing area, a place where you strip down to the essence of who you are. That is what makes it so magical! Wether you do it for your husband or boyfriend, just because you need a pick-me-up or even if you just want some casual life style type head shots, boudoir is for YOU! NO you don’t have to come in your lingerie! Rock  an over sized sweater or a casual dress, or go nude! LOL. There is so much to explore when a session is all about YOU!



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